01 October, 2010

Out and about in Wexford and Waterford

I spent quite a lot of time researching whether there were parts of Ireland outside County Donegal that might be better to live in, and I came to the conclusion that perhaps County Wexford might offer more job prospects, or at least commuting access to Dublin, Wexford town, and New Ross, where there might be further job prospects.  The idea was that if I could get a job in Ireland, then Milo could eventually stop these deployments and we could spend a happy existence together in Ireland with at least one of us employed.

Caoilte and I spent a few days in Wexford when we arrived on Saturday.  We stayed in the small village of Curracloe, a beautiful little place on the coast.  The holiday cottage was not so nice, it was old and kind of dirty, but we spent much of our time out exploring the area so we really only used is as a place to sleep.  During our forays we discovered that Wexford, while sunny and pretty, is really not a terribly interesting spot, and probably not somewhere we'd particularly want to settle.

The gems of the region were Wexford town and New Ross, both on the water, both beautiful and interesting, both nice places.  A bit further west, however, we discovered Waterford, with its bustling city centre, interesting shops, and beautiful waterfront.  It reminded us of Roermond, or Heerlen (Netherlands) with its central shopping plaza and selection of shops, cafes and restaurants, and we were mightily impressed.  Caoilte and I had dinner in the Munster Bar, which served excellent (but quite pricey) food.  It's just up a small alley by the waterfront, down from the clock tower towards the Tower Hotel.

I bought some Clarins powder at Debenhams because I was nearly out.  The cost: 38 euro.  I never said Waterford was cheap - hence, it has been crossed off our list of potential settlement places.  Nice place to visit, though, if you've got some spare cash.

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